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Water Filtration systems


Concerned about toxins and chemicals in your water? Ask Gulfview Plumbing about the latest cutting edge water filtration system technology that can only be provided by a whole house water filtration system.

Most people don’t realize that water filtration systems pay for themselves once you switch over from buying bottled water and start using refillable water bottles. Most bottled water is unfiltered tap water anyway, meaning it's no safer than the water coming from your kitchen sink. Improve the taste, feel, and smell of your water while reducing bottled water consumption. You’ll save money and protect your family’s health.

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But Is It Really Necessary to Filter My Water?

What if we told you that your home or business water supply could be filled with impurities and bacteria that could cause illness, make your water taste bad and gum up your plumbing system?

While Pinellas County definitely is not the worst in the country, the city (and surrounding areas) have water quality issues. At Gulfview Plumbing and Water Treatment, we work with Pinellas County homeowners to develop viable solutions for all your whole house filter needs.

The water we drink (and bathe in, and cook with) affects our health. We absorb water (and the chemicals in water) through our pores, so even the water we use to wash our hands and for bathing impacts our health. Our kidneys and liver work hard to filter out impurities in the water we consume. Our hair, skin and nails reflect the quality of the water we consume and use, and our overall health (including mood) is affected by our levels of hydration and quality of our drinking water. That's why so many local homeowners are installing a whole house water filtration system.

Let’s Do the Math: Whole House Water Filter Systems Pay for Themselves

While a new water purification system is an investment, it pays for itself — especially if you regularly buy bottled water or other bottled beverages for your family.

Calculate your bottled water expenses. While you probably usually buy bottled water in bulk, you probably also buy bottled beverages on the go as well, right? Athletic events, school, at work — all of those bottled water purchases add up.

Each bottle of water you buy on the go costs approximately $1.25, right?

$1.25 for 20 ounces, which equals 6.25 cents per ounce.

Every gallon contains 128 ounces, which means you pay 6.25 cents per ounce, and that translates to $8 for every gallon of water you purchase. Most bottled water companies simply bottle tap water, meaning you are paying an exorbitant amount for water you could have gotten from your kitchen sink.

Even if you buy bottled water in bulk, you spend $5 for a pack of bottled waters, which means you still pay far more per ounce than you ever should. Keep in mind disposable bottled water results in landfill waste and recycling costs, not to mention the cost to the environment for all the plastics that are polluting our oceans. (Click here to learn about the escalating problem of plastic in the ocean. Right now there is a garbage patch of plastic in the ocean the size of Texas – and it’s just one of many.)

Stop sending your family to school and work with tap water in disposable bottles that contribute to a global plastics problem. Instead invest in a water filtration system and BPA-free reusable water bottles, and help your family develop healthy habits. Drink filtered water instead of high calorie sodas, and protect your family and the environment — all the while saving money.

Most whole house water filter systems last ten years. If you've been buying bottled or canned beverages, the system will pay for itself in half that time. Then it's pure savings — and pure water! — from that point forward. It's well worth the investment to know that your family is drinking, cooking with, and bathing in truly safe water.

Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

Before considering a water filtration system installation, you must first decide which type of whole house water filter is best. Some of the most popular systems include:

Carbon Filters: Using layers of activated charcoal, impurities are trapped as water passes through the filter. You are left with water that is crisp and clean, tastes great and is safe to use for multiple household uses.

Reverse Osmosis: The process of reverse osmosis includes forcing water from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration. As water passes through the membrane, bacteria and impurities are left behind resulting in perfectly clean water.

Water Softeners: For homes that rely on a well, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are often a problem. A water softener uses a tank filled with specialized salts to neutralize the minerals and leave your water crisp and safe.

Thinking About a Whole House Water Filtration System?

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